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Adipex is a prescription mediation that works as an appetite suppressant that has been on the market for the treatment of obese patients since the 1970ís. The medication is indicated for patients who need help losing weight. Many patients who are morbidly obese are unable to begin exercising for their safety, but they need to lose weight to improve their health as well as to prevent even more serious health conditions from taking place due to the excess weight.

This prescription medication will actually work to suppress the appetite of patient. Suppressing the appetite will help the individual to consume less food, which means naturally they will begin to lose weight. Of course, most doctors expect their patients not only to take the medication but also change their attitude about food and exercise. Even if the individual cannot begin exercising immediately the medication will help to shed the excess weight.

Adipex has gotten a bad reputation, but it was through no real fault of the medication itself. Adipex, also known as phentermine, was combined with another drug and sold as Phen-Fen in the 1990ís. This is a medication that was taken off of the market because it was leading to heart disease. While Adipex has side effects and risks like any other medication, most patients who use it as prescribed achieve the weight loss safely and effectively. Doctors will only prescribe Adipex to those patients that they feel really need it and whose health is dependent upon it.

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